Calmino and Ewopharma join up to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 29.04.22 - IBS affects 10-15% of the European population, but less than 2% are correctly diagnosed. Many individuals have been suffering for many years. IBS is a chronic disorder which strongly affects the quality of ones life. A group of symptoms occur together, including repeated abdominal pain and changes in bowel movements, which may be diarrhoea, constipation - or both. Other typical symptoms are bloating, distension, flatulence and borborygmi. As the main cause of IBS is not definitely known, treatment focuses on the symptoms.

PROIBS® - to help patients treat IBS symptoms
PROIBS® is a certified medical device for the treatment of IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating and unsettled bowel movements (diarrhoea and/or constipation). PROIBS® contains AVH200®, derived from the plant Aloe barbadensis. Mill. AVH200® has gel forming components which support the intestinal mucosal barrier.
As IBS is known to affect individuals for a long period of time, it is essential to have a treatment appropriate for long-term use – as PROIBS® is. The product is safe, and no interactions with other medications are known.
Science-driven innovative Calmino group AB, the developer of PROIBS®, conducted a usability study among 1.003 users. PROIBS® was helpful for 94% of them. 91% of the users experienced an improvement in daily life and 98% would recommend PROIBS® to someone else. To learn more please check:

Calmino group AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) and Ewopharma (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the territories of Czech Republic and Slovakia in order to launch PROIBS® for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS. This agreement includes all marketing and sales activities of PROIBS® as of April 2022.

Simone Thomas, Senior Product Manager at Ewopharma Group comments: «With PROIBS®, we are able to provide an innovative and certified medical device for the treatment of symptoms related to IBS. The product has been on the Swedish pharmacy market for more than a decade. Because it is recommended by physicians and dietitians, we can promote PROIBS® with absolute confidence. We are looking forward to offering a solution that truly improves the liveability of the affected people.»

Tobias Kisker, CEO and founder of Calmino group AB, is pleased to start a long and successful collaboration with Ewopharma. «The Calmino team is happy to work with a well-established, experienced, and professional company like Ewopharma. We see the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a first important introduction to other Central Eastern European markets.»